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We share and integrate our know-how throughout the various stages of the supply chain to guarantee top quality products and services.

The decades of experience each one of us has is a guarantee of reliability and professionalism.

It is our customers themselves who reward us everyday by showing full confidence in us.

  • Manufacture of metal pipes for conveying fluids, exhaust systems, climate control and structural elements.
  • Manufacture of moulded gaskets, seal rings, lathe cut gaskets, oil scraper rings, membranes for gas, O-rings and bearings made of a wide range of compounds, including compounds combined together.

  • Casting of bronze, brass and aluminium mechanical parts


  • Precision machining and cutting.

  • Controlled peening, polishing, HVOF spraying, nitriding, austempering, and atmospheric and vacuum heat treatment services.


  • Analysis laboratories for detecting residual stresses and identifying fatigue crack trigger points.


  • We assist customers during all design stages, guarantee reliability and professionalism, and provide our long-standing skills in several areas.


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