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In accordance with Article 13 D.Lgs 196/2003 "The law for the protection of personal information"


Privacy policy relative to the website of www.rabaerospace.brescia.it
Here we describe how the website www.rabaerospace.brescia.it collects personal information from the users that visit it.
There is a directive for the use of personal data, also under art. 13 of the Legislative Decree, 196/03 (from here on simply called the Privacy policy) for the users of our services on our website provided via the Internet.  This policy is not valid for other websites that may be accessed through third party links present on our site, for which Facchini Francesco S.p.a. is not responsible.
The data controller
The entity that controls the personal information, relative to persons identified or identifiable after visiting our site, is Facchini Francesco S.p.a. with Headquarters in via Scuole, 5/b in Brescia (info@rabaerospace.brescia.it).
Place and purpose of processing data
The data processed connected to the services of this website are collected by the company Facchini Francesco S.p.a.  and treated exclusively by its  employees and collaborators.  No information deriving from this service will be communicated or disclosed to third parties.  The personal data collected will only be used for the purpose of supplying the requested goods or services, unless it is necessary by law for fulfilling the request.
Navigation information
The computer systems and software procedures used to operate this site (entirely and/or in part) acquire,  during the course of their normal functions, some personal information whose transmission is implicit for the use of the Internet communications protocol.  This data is only used for anonymous statistical research on how the site is used and that it is functioning correctly and then it is deleted immediately after.  The information could be used to check the responsibility in any cases of hypothetical crimes against the website.
Information supplied voluntarily by users
By sending an email, whether optional, explicit or voluntarily, to the address in the manner indicated,  this site automatically acquires the sender's address , necessary to respond to the request, together with other information from the registration form.  Concise summaries will be reported or visualised on pages or sections geared for particular services.
Optional data
The user is free to submit personal data when requesting a service offered by the company.  If certain information is omitted, it maybe impossible to fulfill this service.
Treatment of data
The storage and processing of personal information collected through this website is secured by technical means.  Facchini Francesco S.p.a.
 will not retain any personal information longer than necessary for obtaining the requested service.  Specific measures will be taken to prevent the loss of data, to prevent incorrect or illegal use and to prevent access to any unauthorised source.
The users' rights
We respect your personal data and we will ensure that your privacy rights are protected by the Privacy Policy, art. 7, which provides, among other things, the right to know the presence of your information and to obtain the cancellation, correction  or updating of any part by contacting the owner at the address indicated above.



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