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Meccanica Ponte Chiese is a major family-owned manufacturing plant which boasts over forty years of experience in machining. It started business in 1973 with machinery which was already technologically advanced for the time. Thanks to its strategic position, continuous development and 12,000 square metre plant, it has been able to find partners both in Italy and the rest of Europe. Its high degree of specialization and success have meant Meccanica Ponte Chiese has been able to make substantial investments. These have led to the firm extending its production area and introducing numerical control centres into the manufacturing cycle, with interchangeable pallets and tools for greater flexibility.


“Innovation and cutting edge technology" is the motto that has allowed the company to reach a high level of precision for every type of product. The technical and professional results achieved are the result of constant, substantial human and financial commitment, and the corporate strategy based on:


  • training staff and developing their professional skills;

  • modern, advanced technology;

  • quick, efficient customer service.



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