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In accordance with Article 13 D.Lgs 196/2003 "The law for the protection of personal information"





Cookies are small data files of letters and numbers that help to coordinate website servers and your browser.  They memorise and keep track of your movements within the site and recognise usres when they return. The cookies are memorised by a single browser on a specific device (computer,  tablet,  smartphone etc.).
While visiting a website it is possible that certain elements will appear (such as images,  maps,  sounds and specific links to other sites)  from other websites.  In this case the user could receive cookies that have been sent from these sites (third parties) and their policies should be consulted.
Similar Technologies like web beacon and Transparent GIF are used to collect information about the visitor and the services being used.  From here on we will refer to the cookies and all other similar technologies used just as "cookies".
The classification of cookies is based on their duration and the website that formulated them.
It is essential for us that we supply our users with all the information about the cookies our website uses and why they are used.  Our aim is threefold: to guarantee your privacy,  to assure simplicity in usage and to enhance and deliver a better,  more personalised service.  The main types of cookies and their uses are explained here.


Technical cookies


Technical cookies are set by the website itself.  They are used to transmit a communication on an electronic network or,  only when strictly necessary, to the supplier that has has been explicitly requested by the subscriber or user to supply such service /Article 122, comma1 of D.Lgs. 196/2003 "Code regarding the protection of personal information). 
Cookies are not used for other motives and are normally installed by the owner or the manager of the website.  They can be divided into navigation cookies or session cookies and they guarantee normal navigation and the fruition of the website.
Session cookies are temporary and are deleted after the browser has been closed down.  It can be used to keep track of the chosen Language or to authenticate access to reserved areas.
Permanent cookies save files for a longer time.  This type of cookie has an expiry date.  Permanent cookie files allow the browsers to remember information and are activated again when  you visit the website,  making navigation more rapid and practical because it is no longer necessary to log in every time. 
At the expiry date, the cookie is automatically eliminated when you perform the first log in to the website that created it.
Functionality cookies allow the user to navigate using a series of selected criteria (for example languages or  the products selected for purchase),  improving the service offered.
Analytic cookies are assimilated by technical cookies where they are used directly by the owner of the site to collect information.  They track the user's activity on our website.  All information is anonymous and it is only used to help us to give a better service.

Prior consent is not required to install any kind of cookie.


Our website uses technical cookies.



Profiling cookies


Profiling cookies are used to track visitors' overall activity on  line.  It is a way of targeting potential customers based on  how they browse the Internet.  Because of its particular invasiveness in the private sphere of the user,  the European and Italian legislation requires that the user must be adequately informed about the use.



Third party cookies


Visiting the website you can receive cookies from the site (the owner) or from other organisations (third party).  These cookies are connected to services provided by third parties,  for example 'Like' and 'Share'  are used to monitor the effectiveness of the publicity.  The third party provides these services in exchange for information about visitors to our site.  It follows that the third party cookies have to respect the law.  For this reason, refer to the links that appear where the user can find the forms for consent and the relative regulations.  If the services are provided by indirect contacts of the third parties, the user should consult the sites that are the intermediaries between ourselves and the third parties.  Please note that we cannot be responsible for privacy policies and practices of other websites. 
Apart from the cookies set when a visitor visits our site, there could also be other cookies.  This happens because we have instructed a third party to provide some services on our behalf.  Our site could have consented to the use of third party cookies from Youtube,  Google Analytics etc.
This site uses Google Analytics,  an analysis service provided by Google Inc. (Google) 
Google Analytics uses cookies,  text files deposited on your computer to permit us to collect and analyse,  anonimously,  the information regarding your use of our website (including your IP address).  Such information is then transmitted to Google which then submits a report on the user's activity to our operators. 
This site does not use (or allow third parties to use) this  analysis tool for monitoring or collecting your information for personal identification. 
Google does not connect your IP address to any other information it may have or try to link an IP address to a computer user.  Google can transfer this data to third parties where it is required by law or where such  third parties are processing the data on behalf of Google.  It is possible to refuse by changing your browser setting, but this may prevent the use of some functions of this website. 
By using our website you accept the treatment of your information by Google for the motives listed above.
For further information regarding the use of cookies by Google Inc.,  click here.


The report showing the cookies used on our website can be downloaded in PDF form:






Cookies can be completely deactivated by changing the settings on your browser.  You should know that deactivating the cookies could mean that some of the site's functions are not usable and the results could be compromised.  Here are the main browsers for the management of cookies:


Windows Internet Explorer

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox

Apple Safari



More detailed information about the management of cookies (activation, deactivation, elimination and control)  is available on www.aboutcookies.org


It must be emphasied that the setting must be modified individually for each browser and device (PC, notebook, smartphone, table etc.).


Information regarding the decree


The provision by the Garante per la Privacy (the guarantor for privacy) of 8th May, 2014, published in the Gazzetta Ufficiale no. 126 of 3rd June, is available at  www.garanteprivacy.it


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